At TXN Remodeling, we specialize in providing high-quality Decking and Fencing services to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living spaces. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that meet your unique needs and preferences.

Leading Fence and Deck Installation Company and Contractor

Want to change the look of your outdoor area? Our excellent remodeling and repair services are all you need. As the best company for installing fences and decks, TXN Remodeling knows how to make your property look and work better.

TXN Remodeling is the best deck and fence installation company for any job. We have the skills and materials to make your idea come true, whether you want a cozy spot for coffee in the morning or a large area for hosting people. Our decks aren’t just buildings; they’re additions to your home that are carefully made to last.

We are also very good at replacing decks and fences and building them. If the structures on your property are worn out or don’t match your style anymore, our team can change them in a way that doesn’t affect how they look or make them safer.

TXN Remodeling knows how important it is to pay attention to detail and work well at our company. That’s why we work closely with each client to learn about their wants and needs, ensuring that each project goes above and beyond. From the first idea to the finished product, we’re dedicated to providing excellence in all areas of remodeling and repair.

You can trust the best fence and deck installers to make your outdoor area beautiful and relaxing. Contact us immediately to set up a meeting and start building your dream outdoor area.

Highly Rated Deck and Fence Installation Company Texas.

Learn about the skills of our excellent Texas company that installs decks and fences. As the best deck and fence builders in the area, TXN Remodeling takes pride in the skill and quality of our work on each project.

Our team consists of professional deck builders and skilled fence builders who are committed to doing excellent work. We have the abilities and expertise to exceed your standards, whether you want to add more outdoor living areas with a custom deck or make your property safer and more private with a new fence.

TXN Remodeling ensures that every deck and fence installation meets the highest standards by paying close attention to the little things and providing excellent customer service. We work with you closely at every step to ensure your idea comes true, from planning and design to building and finishing touches.

If you want the best expertise and stability in Texas, choose our company to build your deck or fence. Contact us immediately to discuss your project and see what a difference working with real experts makes.

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Services We offer in Decks and Fences

Fence Repair

TXN Remodeling guarantees that our fence repair service will keep your property’s border looking good for a long time. From fixing damaged panels to strengthening posts, we provide timely and effective solutions to keep your fence looking great and functioning properly.

Fence Installation

Our fence installation service uses excellent materials and a skilled team to make your land safer and more private. We carefully and precisely build any fence you want, from classic wooden to modern metal. We do this to meet your needs and preferences.

Deck Repair

Our deck repair service makes your outdoor living area safe and beautiful again. TXN offers complete solutions for your deck repair needs, from repairing broken boards to strengthening structural parts.

Deck Installation 

Our deck construction service turns your outdoor area into a useful and comfortable spot to hang out and have fun. We build custom decks that fit your needs and preferences, making your home look better and increasing its worth. 

Why Choose TXN for Deck and Fence Remodeling

Expert Fence Repair: Our skilled team specializes in fixing fences and making the surrounding area look good again with accuracy and speed.

Custom Fence Installation: We can install any fence, from traditional wooden fences to modern metal designs, to make your land safer and look better.

Professional Deck Repair: You can depend on TXN to bring your deck back to life with thorough repairs that will keep your outdoor area safe and last for a long time.

Custom Deck Installation: Our custom deck installation services can turn your backyard into a beautiful, relaxing place. We can make it fit your wants and tastes.

Quality work: each project TXN works on is guaranteed to have very close attention to detail and an excellent job.

Excellent customer service: Your happiness is our top priority, and we work hard to exceed your standards by communicating quickly and providing reliable support.

If you want to update your deck or fence, TXN is the only company you should hire. Get in touch with us right away to turn your outdoor area into a lovely and useful retreat.

Our Services Areas

In Castroville, Leon Valley, and San Antonio, TXN Remodeling provides a full range of outdoor services, such as fence, fence, and deck repair and installation. We offer professional services to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor areas, focusing on quality work and customer happiness. You can trust TXN Remodeling to help you fix a broken fence or create a new one to make your property safer and more private. Our skilled team also repairs decks, ensuring your outdoor decks are secure and last long. We also offer custom deck-building services so you can make beautiful outdoor areas that are just right for you. You can depend on TXN Remodeling to make your outdoor places comfortable and valuable so you can enjoy them for years to come.


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